Cheese and Dairy

We can supply the following cheeses, butter and margarine, and eggs ~


Cheese ~

Please note – Cheese is available at our Warehouse only.

Blue Cheese Crumbs

Cheddar – Shredded
Cheddar – Sharp, Logs

Cream Cheese

Cooper White Sharp

Farmer’s Cheese

Feta Cheese – Tubs

Monterey Jack and Cheddar – Shredded

Mozzarella – Logs
Mozzarella – Shredded

Muenster Cheese

Parmesan – Grated
Parmesan – Shredded

Pepper Jack Cheese

Provolone Logs

White American – Sliced 160ct.
White American – Sliced 120ct.

Yellow American – Sliced 160ct.
Yellow American – Sliced 120ct.


Butter and Margarine ~

Butter Blend

Butter Quarters

Butter Solids – Unsalted
Butter Solids – Salted

Half and Half Creamers

Heavy Cream

Margarine Quarters

Whipped Butter Cups


Eggs ~

Please note – Eggs are available at our Retail location only.

Eggs – Loose 15 Doz
Eggs – Carton 15 Doz
Eggs – Brown
Eggs – Frozen