Cider, Preserves, and Honey

We can supply the following items, such as cider, pickles, honey, jelly, preserves, and juices ~

Please note – Honey, jams, and preserves are available at our Retail location only.

Apple Butter Spread
Apple Butter

Canned Fruit – Peaches, No Sugar
Canned Fruit – Peaches, Light Syrup

Cider – Apple, half-gallon
Cider – Apple, gallon

Honey – Buckwheat
Honey – Clover
Honey – Orange Blossom
Honey – Wild Flower

Honey Comb

1-pound, 2-pound, and 5-pound jars

Jelly – Apple
Jelly – Blackberry
Jelly – Elderberry
Jelly – Grape
Jelly – Quince

Juice – Orange

Peanut Butter – All-Natural

Pickles – Whole Dill Bucket, Garlic
Pickles – Whole Dill Bucket, Hot
Pickles – Dill Spears

Preserves – Apple Pie Preserves
Preserves – Apricot
Preserves – Black Raspberry
Preserves – Blackberry
Preserves – Blueberry
Preserves – Cherry
Preserves – Orange Marmalade
Preserves – Peach
Preserves – Red Raspberry
Preserves – Strawberry
Preserves – Strawberry-Rhubarb

Relish – Vidalia Onion