About Us

Bartoli Produce has been a family-run business since 1964.

It all began with a young Jim Bartoli, who started the business in his father’s home with nothing more than a pickup truck and an excellent work ethic. He sold only a small variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to a few local restaurants in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He also provided his services at a local farmers’ market.

At his business grew, he expanded to a warehouse in 1972, and after 1978, this warehouse became the center of operations for his wide customer base.

Now called James C. Bartoli, Inc., the business expanded over the next 15 years to include fresh seafood, as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables.

On December 5, 1993, the warehouse caught fire and was completely destroyed.

Jim and his employees opened a temporary site in a small building on the edge of Carlisle. For one year, the Bartoli crew worked through cramped and uncomfortable conditions, maintaining their customer base as well as their positive reputation.

In 1994, a new warehouse was erected on the site of the original.

Though Jim has since left the seafood business, he has continued to successfully provide his customers with an ever growing array of fresh fruits and vegetables.

To this day, Bartoli Produce is still in the family, as nephew Joe Hays took over in July of 2014.

  1. My hero, Joe Hays!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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